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What Does your Project Need?

By combining different disciplines from the outset of every project, we unlock the hidden potential of places. Whether it’s a city-wide master plan, a mixed-use development or a residential project, we have the strategic perspective, in-depth industry knowledge and hands-on experience to create exceptional places, spaces and communities. Below are some specific services we offer, but feel free to reach out. We're always around to discuss.


What are the opportunities with this site? What does the zoning regulation enable? What will the community support?

What are the design possibilities to make this project unique and representative of the place?

These are some of the questions we strive to answer in our feasibility study services - this is where zzap's fusion of Architecture and Planning add the most value.



Once your project is approved, zzap has a full service Architectural Delivery team to develop the Permit and Construction Documents.


We act as the coordinating professional, integrating the services of the other retained building disciplines: Interior Design, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Site Design towards a harmonious set of detailed drawings for tendering and construction.

Render View 2 - Phase 3_edited_edited.jpg


zzap works closely with land owners

and regulators to find the optimal development strategy that looks at the existing context.

This context includes the natural landscape, views, solar orientation, adjacent developments and uses best practices in active transportation, road and building placement to find opportunities to create unique neighbourhoods that enhance community spirit and promote sustainable lifestyles.

But wait, there's more.

Beyond our major skill sets, we offer additional services to see a project through.


To help promote your vision for placemaking, zzap provides in-house 3D rendering and graphic visualization services as part of our design workflow.


Our marketing images help our clients build support for developments, whether it be for leasehold improvements, small and large mixed use developments or entire neighbourhoods.

Development Approvals

Once a project starts its path through the regulatory approvals process, zzap is there to help guide and strategize the steps to be taken.


We work closely with regulators to
find solutions towards a successful development approval that benefits the community in which it is located.

Contract Admin

During the construction phase, zzap's Construction Phase Service Specialists track progress, answer questions and review the work, in general conformance with the Contract Documents to satisfy regulatory approval requirements, professional obligations and to promote quality outcomes.

Have a project? Let's talk.
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